About Us

Created Collections was formed out of a need to take better care of the skin and overall health. I worked for 20 years in corporate America, and anyone who understands what I am saying knows the challenges, stress, and politics that come with it. 

I suffered a major health scare with high blood pressure, overweight, sleeplessness, and hyperthyroidism. I got a clue that I had to do something or check out early, and I love life too much for that! So, I took it back old school.
I learned that I needed to make a change in my diet, my work habits, and learn how to decompress after work. "Still working on the diet! But I feel great today.

I recalled watching my grandmother make lye soap, and at the time it was not a fun process, nor did I care too much for making butter, but it sure taste good on hot biscuits! I took time to reflect on the process of making soap, and I said to myself "this is probably a great way to decompress while taking care of my skin.
Since then, my hobby and therapy have turned into a successful soap business. Who knew!